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Stamina Showcase is...

a simfile competition based around the art of charting stamina files for pad play. With the competition comes the opportunity to win real monetary prizes, getting larger as the tournament progresses, as well as the opportunity to win the admiration and respect of your peers. As the field of stamina charting has evolved over time, so has the means to judge files, meaning this event will kick things up a notch in all aspects in comparison to the first event in 2016.

Stamina Showcase is also a place to learn and appreciate the art that is charting. By participating in this tournament, not only will a chart be given free publicity, but the submitter may learn valuable feedback in the skill that is making stamina files. Given the judges' experience in the field of stepcharting, each critique should offer valuable information on how to improve as a stepartist. This is a great opportunity for us all to share and create better stamina together.


There will be $1000 in prizes handed out over two rounds of judging. There is no fee to enter the event as this prize pool has been entirely funded by the event organizers. The rewards are as follows:

3rd - $25
2nd - $50
1st - $125

ROUND 1 - $200

3rd - $100
2nd - $200
1st - $500

FINALS - $800


There are four judges for the competition, each with impeccable stamina charting credentials and each holding equal weight in the judging process. Click on an image below to see their own stamina resume:

@@ (pronounced a-Tat) began creating stepcharts in 2005 under the username Foop, but it wasn't until 2013 that he started to make pad files, starting with the release of Makina Marathon. Originally motivated by making charts to motivate self-improvement in areas of ITG he deemed himself to be weak in, @@ quickly became motivated by pushing the boundary of Stamina.

Since then, @@ has been involved in numerous large-scale stamina collaborations, such as Sharpnelstreamz V2, as well as lead a few of his own.

Starting with the release of Disbalance Episode 3, which formed much of the basis for Pendulum Act 1 and Sharpnelstreamz V1, as well as the advent of the East Coast Stamina tournament series in 2012, Archi has aspired to push the boundaries of stamina while making it more accessible to fledgling players.

He has also used his various roles in the community (Developer of Groovestats, Director of ECS, and a judge for Stamina Showcase) to help promote up and coming simfile artists and encourage the proliferation of fun, challenging stamina files.

Aoreo has been writing charts for pad play as early as 2004. Over the years, he learned what patterns work and which do not. He's the one behind the pack series Beast Aoreo BEAST!, Jimmy Jawns, and Aoreo's Ariginals. He even had a large contribution to the Speedcore series as well as files in several collaboration packs like Sharpnelstreamz, The Apocalypse Sampler, and Scrapyard Kent. He also helped sync all the ECS marathons as well as stepping bits of ARK05 from ECS6.

Aoreo tends to pattern his charts with one major thing in mind; comfort. It wasn't until Jimmy Jawns 3 that he was able to combine comfortable patterns with patterns that actually follow the music. He believes that achieving that balance is what makes stamina charts enjoyable.

Notable Recent Releases
Jimmy Jawns 3
ITGAlex first made his mark in charting stamina with the release of untitled stream pack back in 2014. His charts started gaining praise when he won first place in the original Stamina Showcase.

Since then, he has contributed to a number of popular stamina releases, such as the VocaJawnz series and the Trails of Cold Stream series, and will release a brand new original pack of stamina simfiles in the near future.